About us

We live in the world of new technologies, which help us to fulfil the needs and expectations of today’s world. Safety is one of them. Our company is interested in innovations, environmental technologies and products, which open new opportunities and create a direction towards new visions. One of these products is FAUCON – automatic fire extinguishing ampoule with very high effectivity for initial fires. Over the years, FAUCON product portfolio has been developed that covers all areas of fire protection. Portfolio contains of small transmissible fire extinguishers, specialized transmissible fire extinguishers and also specialized automatic extinguishing systems

Every individual, business or partner is an important piece in the chain and delivers its own missing piece into mosaic of success. All our employees seek to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction and therefore we use the best possible products and include the top technologies to meet their expectations. We try to adapt to customer’s needs, desires and safety requirements in life. Strategic direction of development, safety and high quality of our products are distinctive elements in our brand’s reputation

FAUCON „motto“

„I am Faucon, I am falcon, I am fire hunter…
I am protection, I am a shield from the fury of elements.“

Our goal

Our goal is to offer customers products, which are indicating the highest level of technological development in fire protection. FAUCON products, despite their simplicity, significantly increase the level of human and property protection against fire.

We and our partners mainly feeling the responsibility, we are jointly developing a dynamic and professional working environment, which stimulates the team work and exchange of knowledge on international level. Top priorities are quality and reliability. We always put satisfaction, safety of our customers and property protection at the center of all our activities.


Active fire protection consultancy
In the area of active fire protection, we try to choose the appropriate extinguishing system and optimal extinguishing liquid for given combustible material.
In the area of passive fire protection, we are looking for optimal solutions to prevent the spread of the fire.
According to investor’s needs, we prepare professional fire protection studies.
The location is determined according to production standards, taking into account possible sources of ignition.
installation of FAUCON ampoules and active fire systems is performed according to gained experiences on the proper functioning of active fire protection systems.